Poland looks set to begin age verification for adult websites

Poland’s prime minister is set to legislate an all-encompassing program to prevent children from accessing pornography online. Mateusz Morawiecki said on Polish Radio 16 December 2019 that Poles must “protect children and young people from access to pornographic material and content, just as we shield them from alcohol and drugs — with all strictness. A number of reports show that the problem of children’s easy access to porn is growing,” Morawiecki explained.

Under Poland’s new rules, websites providing pornographic material would be required to check the age of Internet users. The prime minister signaled that the government will intervene to make sure that adult content reaches adults only. Morawiecki said Poland is continuing to study the verification methods currently developed by the governments of Great Britain and Israel in preventing children’s access to porn sites as a way to perfect Polish methods. Polish family minister Marlena Maląg said she wanted the bill to be adopted by lawmakers in the first half of 2020. Almost 60% of Polish boys and over 20% of girls age 14–16 admit to viewing pornography, according to a survey cited by the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

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