Age verification law update in Indiana and Nebraska

Indiana state age verification legislation update

Adult websites will need stronger age verification measures under a bill headed to the Indiana House floor.

SB 17 easily cleared a House committee Wednesday. The bill would require adult sites to verify their customers’ ages with a mobile driver’s license or government ID (which Indiana doesn’t provide), or through a third-party service that verifies the customer’s age.

Nebraska stage age verification update

A Nebraska legislative committee heard testimony Wednesday 21 February 2024 over a bill that would limit young people’s access to online pornographic content by verifying a user is at least 18 years old.

The Legislative Bill 1092, introduced by State Sen. Dave Murman of Glenvil, he commented “It is to protect our most vulnerable women and children.” He said he modeled his legislation after similar efforts passed in Utah, Louisiana and Arkansas.

“We’re not trying to do something new here,” Murman told the Judiciary Committee. “We’re trying to do what’s been done in other states … and what’s been successful in other states.”

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