Spain set to introduce age verification app in September 2024

age verification

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and Spain’s Minister of Digital Transformation and Civil Service José Luis Escrivá Belmonte, informed Spanish media about the launch of a new age verification app. It will become a mandatory step to access any online adult content for anyone in the country starting in September 2024.

Named the Cartera Digital app it will issue “anonymous digital access credentials.” This will allowing any adult with a Spanish national ID, who is willing to share his or her information with the government, to be able to  access +18 online content.

Its primary objective is to protect children and teens from stumbling upon explicit adult content, but it will also limit the amount of adult content adults can view to 30 sessions per month. For now this digital certificate will be only mandatory for Spanish websites that feature +18 explicit content, but it won’t block any foreign ones.

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