Spanish politicians push for age verification of adult website

age verification

Local Spanish politicians in the southern region of Andalucia are demanding anti-porn legislation to mirror current initiatives in France, Germany, Utah and even China. The group named ‘Consejo Audiovisual de Andalucía (CAA)’ organized a conference in May 2023 to address the supposed threat to minors posed by internet pornography. Tech journalist Enrique Benítez, from the influential Prensa Ibérica media conglomerate, participated and afterward published an editorial in Prensa Ibérica’s flagship newspaper El Periodico de España, advocating for local laws to follow the lead of France and the U.K. in threatening to block adult websites unless they implement age verification.

Deeming it “unfair” to expect families to monitor minors’ access to online content, Benítez proposed shifting the responsibility to online platforms. Unlike the U.S., Europe has nothing resembling Section 230 liability protections over user-generated content.

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